New York: A Whoville Nightmare

Source of Featured GIF: LoveThisGif

Yes, New York City is probably a nightmare for the Whovilles as well as it is for me. I have traveled to New York a few years back and to tell you the truth I was not impressed with the city. There are crowds of people swarming to and fro like bees from one flower to the next with a lack of consideration for anyone whom may be either in front of them, behind them, to the right or to the left. So long as they get to their destination nothing else matters. The surreal fantasy of “New York” is just that a fantastical dream and nothing remotely close to reality. Take housing for instance, either you are living in an apartment the size of your closet and paying an arm and a leg, or your excursion will take you two hours via transit or driving. Moreover, driving is completely improbable in the city, with a taxi being your only alternative which means spending money you already do not have. Furthermore, that paycheck you worked so hard to attain will all be spent on your living quarters and groceries. Therefore, if you even thought of dining out you should reconsider or burn your credit card unless you think sinking into a greater amount of debt is a viable alternative. Lastly, the compelling notion that this city is the place where all dreams come true is only a reality if you have the financial means and connections in order to transpire your fantasies.

Whenever I hear someone talking about how “fabulous” New York City is this is how I feel:


Feel free to peruse through this Buzzfeed “26 Reasons Why New York City Is The Worst” if the above reasons were not explanatory enough.

This BBC article offers a new perspective on the nightmare that is New York City.

Not to end on such a negative note, there are great things about this city such as the Museum of Modern Art, the bustling nightlife, as well as the food; however, the impact of having a closet for a living space and paying a mortgage worthy of a mansion in other cities is not appealing.

Feel free to comment on the reasons why you dislike and/or like New York City.