Calabria: Seaside Oasis

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Move out St. Tropez and Nice, make way for a blissful getaway to Calabria whose sandy beaches and ethnic Italian cuisine, as well as reasonable prices will leave you wondering why you had not thought of the idea earlier. This regions rocky coasts, sandy beaches, warm climate, the mouth-watering local ethnic Italian seafood and shrimp pasta. Yummy in my tummy! All this will leave you wondering why you have not heard of Calabria before, and how this year you will pack your bags and discover this stunning getaway on your own or with someone special, OR  be an awesome friend and take someone who blogs about travelling with you….I am not suggesting myself, but hey if you insist I would not mind visiting this oasis and showing you around all the local places to dine and dance. I have digressed, therefore, allow me to give you some background historical information on the city so you can stun the locals with your knowledge of their city, and not be labelled as an ‘ignorant pesky tourist.’

Calabrian Style Grilled Tuna – Source: Good Food


Calabria Backgrounder:  Calabria is one of the oldest regions of Italy dating back approximately 700,000 years B.C. yet the first villages were built around 3,000-3,500 B.C.. Foreign dominance and intervention had come to an end in the 1860’s during the unification of Italy. However, prior to being unified Calabria was conquered by the Greeks  (800 B.C. – Magna Grecia), the Romans (2nd Century), the Byzantines (9th-12th Century), and it would not be until the unification of Italy when Calabria would become an independent and whole region within Italy.

Tourist zone: The well-known dazzling towns of Calabria are Tropea and Pizzo.

Tropea Pizzo Calabro
Tropea: Santa Maria dell’Isola   – Souce: Concorso Fotografico Nazionale
Pizzo Calabro – Source: TravelviaItaly

Where to eat:

Que Bravi Ragazzi, Tropea

Que Bravi Ragazzi – Source: Yelp

This quaint restaurant serves excellent pasta and pizza Calabrese style.

Le Chicche di Calabria, Pizzo

Le Chicche di Calabria – Source: TripAdvisor

If you are looking for a great lunch deli and cafe then Le Chicche is right for you. With its generous portions, and fresh options you will be swooned into eating more than one helping.

La Scogliera, Le Castella

La Scogliera, Le Castella – Source: Checkinly

Last but not least, my favorite restaurant in Calabria with fresh seafood and an amicable atmosphere and a stunning view of the coast.

Feel free to comment and share your experiences while staying in Calabria!







Verona: My Retirement Fantasy

Featured Image Source: Italia

This is one  of my favorite  destinations of  where I have traveled thus far. There is something about the ambiance and the air that is so inviting, compelling, and beautifully mysterious that has cultivated an inner passion in me for this city. I have decided that when I reach old age this is the city where I will retire and live out the rest of my days eating their delicious cuisine (there will be lots of ice cream), drinking vino (wine), taking long walks, taking in the wondrous sights of the city, and reading in the cafe’s while sipping Italian coffee and eating their pastries. I can see it already, now there is only another forty three years to go, and a million dollars to save up for the house and expenses which I will be incurring. I shiver at the thought of the medical expenses associated with old age. Yikes! I have digressed from the topic at hand, therefore, allow me to provide a minor historical backgrounder on Verona.

Verona BackgrounderThe city traces its birthright to the 1st century B.C. After decades of foreign conquests, Verona finally achieved its peace under the rule of the Scaligeri dynasty in the 13th Century. This period has been associated with the Golden Age of Verona, a time when the city prospered historically, culturally, and economically,. However, all good things come to an end eventually.  It would not be until the 15th century until Verona would become engulfed in family feuds and be taken over by Venice. Furthermore, Verona would become an Austrian trophy until the Italian Unification in the late 19th century, when Verona was once again liberated from foreign occupation.

Tourist zone: After a small historical background comes my favorite part: all the places to visit and eat at in Verona. Note: these are all locations where you will find a future 70-year-old me, that is if you happen to seek me out. Bask in the photos and grandeur of my retirement city.


Piazza Della Erbe – Source: Wikipedia

This is where I will  be buying all my souvenirs (everyone is getting a magnet) and this piazza will be the place where you will see an elderly me cafe hopping until I find the cafe with the best coffee.

Castelvecchio – Source: Wikipedia

At this castle I will be playing knights and dames. I do not need to mention that I am going to be a bad ass 70 year old knight on a trusty stead galloping through the fortress. My trusty stead will probably be a wheelchair, but where is the fun in that. Use your imagination!

Piazza Dei Signori – Source: Wikipedia

At this square I will stand in awe at the statue by the poet Dante Alighieri. Here one will be able to find me reading numerous novels about art history.

Scaliger Tombs – Source: Wikipedia

Once a year,  I will  pay homage to the Scaliger dynasty and for their contributions to Verona`s cultural and historical development.

Lake Gardia – Source: Telegraph

My weekends will be spent here swimming, and eating lots of seafood.

Casa Di Giulietta – Source: Telegraph

At the house of Juliet I will make sure  not to trip and fall over the balcony. This may be the place where my inner romantic Shakespeare novelist comes alive, although I would not keep my hopes up. Beautiful place to visit and leave a post-it `love note.“You are never too old for love.

Romeo and Juliet Love Note Wall – Source: Flickr
Teatro Romano – Source: Wikipedia

The Teatro Romano is where plays will be held and I will continue my arts and cultural education. Moreover, this Teatro will also be my playground for acting out plays while no one is in attendance to watch me embarrass myself as I enact the famous Shakespeare play: Romeo and Juliet.

Osteria Sottoriva – Source: Canon Club Italia

This will be my favorite local restaurant, and where I plan on gaining 10 pounds, since I will not be concerned about my weight past 70. In addition, eating out at this restaurant will not burn a hole in pocket.

To conclude this is a map of my planned activities in retirement. If you are ever in need of my old age wisdom I will be the old lady occupying a table for four with six varying dishes of food and wine at Osteria Sottoriva.