Calabria: Seaside Oasis

Source of Featured Image: My3DCity

Move out St. Tropez and Nice, make way for a blissful getaway to Calabria whose sandy beaches and ethnic Italian cuisine, as well as reasonable prices will leave you wondering why you had not thought of the idea earlier. This regions rocky coasts, sandy beaches, warm climate, the mouth-watering local ethnic Italian seafood and shrimp pasta. Yummy in my tummy! All this will leave you wondering why you have not heard of Calabria before, and how this year you will pack your bags and discover this stunning getaway on your own or with someone special, OR  be an awesome friend and take someone who blogs about travelling with you….I am not suggesting myself, but hey if you insist I would not mind visiting this oasis and showing you around all the local places to dine and dance. I have digressed, therefore, allow me to give you some background historical information on the city so you can stun the locals with your knowledge of their city, and not be labelled as an ‘ignorant pesky tourist.’

Calabrian Style Grilled Tuna – Source: Good Food


Calabria Backgrounder:  Calabria is one of the oldest regions of Italy dating back approximately 700,000 years B.C. yet the first villages were built around 3,000-3,500 B.C.. Foreign dominance and intervention had come to an end in the 1860’s during the unification of Italy. However, prior to being unified Calabria was conquered by the Greeks  (800 B.C. – Magna Grecia), the Romans (2nd Century), the Byzantines (9th-12th Century), and it would not be until the unification of Italy when Calabria would become an independent and whole region within Italy.

Tourist zone: The well-known dazzling towns of Calabria are Tropea and Pizzo.

Tropea Pizzo Calabro
Tropea: Santa Maria dell’Isola   – Souce: Concorso Fotografico Nazionale
Pizzo Calabro – Source: TravelviaItaly

Where to eat:

Que Bravi Ragazzi, Tropea

Que Bravi Ragazzi – Source: Yelp

This quaint restaurant serves excellent pasta and pizza Calabrese style.

Le Chicche di Calabria, Pizzo

Le Chicche di Calabria – Source: TripAdvisor

If you are looking for a great lunch deli and cafe then Le Chicche is right for you. With its generous portions, and fresh options you will be swooned into eating more than one helping.

La Scogliera, Le Castella

La Scogliera, Le Castella – Source: Checkinly

Last but not least, my favorite restaurant in Calabria with fresh seafood and an amicable atmosphere and a stunning view of the coast.

Feel free to comment and share your experiences while staying in Calabria!






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