Why Seize the Moment?

I want you to understand why I chose the headline first before I tell you a little about myself.  It is expected of us as individuals to plan out our future, be aware of what we want out of life and how this will impact our future careers. Ergo, there is little leeway left for spontaneity. I want to convince you to seize every moment of every day and whatever travelling opportunity comes your way. Leave behind all your fears and empower yourself to seize the moments and get your go-go gadgets, pack, and leave that cubicle behind you while you endeavor on a travel opportunity of a life time. Realistically, travelling will make you richer. Your career will not run away, yes, if you leave for a few months you may have to find another job when you arrive home, nevertheless, where there is a will there is a way.

A little about me: This past summer, I had a great opportunity to travel for a few months at the expense of my job. I admit, I was doubtful whether I should go since I would lose my job and have to search for a new one and we all know how stressful and arduous that can be. Nevertheless, I conquered my fears, left Canada and traveled for five months in south-eastern Europe and I have never looked back on the experience with the slightest regret. Therefore, I encourage you to live fearlessly, with no regrets, and travel, travel travel!

Disclosure: Opinions are my own. Please cite all content and refer back to “Seize The Moment,” as well as any sources that have been cited likewise. Thank you and feel free to share and comment.

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